Boost your SIEM investment !

SIEM solutions are powerful tools, widely used in variouscompanies, organizations and institutions. In terms of software license, hardware and technical people that can manage them on a daily basis, they usually occupy a serious chunk of the Cyber Security budget.

Many companies are not maximizing their ROI related to SIEM. The reason is simple: a SIEM product or service is efficient if it is adapted and specialized to the particular content of the IT infrastructure it is monitoring and securing. However, most companies struggle to drive these adaptations on time and to see where fine-tuning is needed.

In other words, a good SIEM’s infrastructure and strategy requires the ability to add new rules, as often as possible, which account for the particularities of users, equipment, traffic, business, etc.

The technology and methodology ESI INENDI develops are unique, allowing you to spot in subtle components, in huge datasets, which reveal the particularities that should automatically be handled by the SIEM infrastructure (to monitor, block, highlight, alert, etc.)

This is a must have for every CISO or SOC manager who wants to get more out of its Cyber Security investments, particularly SIEM’s investments.