Challenge your Cyber Security strategy !

Today’s Cyber Security challenge is not to pile up expensive and state of the art appliances to build an impressive technological wall that will supposedly protect the company and automatically defeat the evil hackers or malwares.

This machine-automated approach is useful, and somewhat indispensable, but it faces many drawbacks: it requires a large budget, it is complex to build and it requires experts to maintain and manage it.

On the other hand, your IT system generates great deal of data containing weak signals that could be very valuable for you to serve as driving facts. If they are properly exploited and investigated, your own data becomes the best way to measure the efficiency of your Cyber Security Strategy.

ESI INENDI's technology is specifically built to reveal the “unknown things” that prove something is not working or not perfect in the way your company drives its Cyber Security strategy.

These facts are your best ally in managing your Cyber Security. ESI INENDI shows you how easy it is to collect these facts and enter into this new highly successful “data-driven” type of management.