Human Resilience is Back on Stage !

No matter how intelligent machines are, there is always a limit to their ability, today, in solving complex problems. The ever-increasing mastership of machines on a broad set of topics, based on technologies such as machine learning, high performance computing (HPC), etc., should not muddle reality: when machines are faced with  situations they have not been designed or trained for, the outcome is usually incorrect.

Due to the ingenuity of hackers and cyber criminals, the day-to-day pace at which the Cyber Risk evolves is rather high. Therefore, when it comes to this dangerous aspect of Cyber Risk, machines and the automated tools that drive them are weak.

To defeat cyber criminals and their attempts to harm your company, there is nothing better than a “human in the loop”.

Human beings have an unrivalled ability to search for details, to wonder why, to connect the dots, to confront facts, etc. Ultimately, they have the intelligence to investigate.

The aim of ESI INENDI's technology  is to provide tools dedicated to the “human in the loop”, which make their investigation activity incredibly easy and efficient.

Thanks to our solutions, you can rely on the strength of your own Cyber Analyst and Security Data Scientist.