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Big Data in Cyber Security is not a No Man’s Land

Today people say Data is Big.

Most of us think Big Data is a matter of Big Computers and Automated Data Processing because there is no room for humans.

However, even if Data is Huge or Big, there are many situations in which it is critical to keep a Human in the Loop.

Automated is not enough!

It’s time to be honest

Automated is not enough

In Cyber Security, automatic and unattended processing is everywhere: switches, routers, firewalls, antivirus, IPS, DPI-based filters, behavioral detection systems, etc.

However, Humans are still needed.

Empower the Human Expert

Facing the Unknown in Big Data

Empower the Human Expert

Cyber Security is certainly one of these areas where automated processing and detection systems operate 90% of the job but where it is still vital to have a human in the driving seat, taking decisions that bring successful or safe end.

Humans behind a SIEM is not enough.

Deep Log Investigation is the future of your Cyber Security!

SIEM Software, the most used tools nowadays for Log Management, would have a very limited positive impact without the dedicated presence of a team.

For example, on a daily basis, SIEM Software still heavily relies on humans to:

  • watch for its fancy dashboards ;
  • drill down by figuring out which query will take advantage of its search engine capabilities ;
  • redefine the priorities of alerts given by the SIEM using human judgment and context knowledge that cannot be inserted into the SIEM ;
  • create new rules or adapt existing pre-defined rules to tune the SIEM to the specific context of the IT system it monitors.

But the ever increasing number of breaches, exploits and Cyber Crimes proves, better than anything else, that Automated Cyber Defense systems and SIEMs are not enough.

To change this situation, we provide a unique set of tools to solve the challenges of weak signal detection and discovery of the unknown in large datasets.

INENDI Inspector 4.1 allows to investigate in hundreds of million lines of logs (Firewall, Proxy, Switches, DNS, Syslog and all that can be parsed) or PCAP and EVTX.

With INENDI, you can now improve your Cyber Security by Regular Deep Log Investigations!