INENDI Inspector

A tool tailored for those conducting a thorough analysis of Cyber Security data

The INENDI Inspector software is a disruptive visualization tool dedicated to rigorous investigation processes. Its user-friendly interface will quickly allow you to catch unexpected, yet meaningful, insights. Perfectly suited for the critical steps of the understanding of large volumes of data, it is an indispensable tool and improving complement when considering IT Security Management. 

How does it work?

INENDI Inspector is the only tool in the world that offers a truly interactive face to face between a Security Analyst and all the data meaningful in the context of Cyber Security.
And we made it simple!
Using Inspector is done through a basic three steps process:
The benefits of using INENDI Inspector are disruptive and critical at each of these steps. 

Why is it Disruptive?

INENDI Inspector is based on the fastest Parallel Coordinates Rendering Engine in the world. Parallel coordinates visualization is an extraordinary convenient way to represent large and high dimensional complex data, as those that can be found in Cyber Security.
With INENDI Inspector, you can, for example, investigate very interactively one billion rows of proxy logs!
The complementary visualizations the software provides and the extremely fast search and its statistics capabilities complete the technological disruption.
Finding unknown facts and unnoticed security breaches is not anymore a matter of chance but a matter of investigation’s methodologies.



Integrating INENDI Inspector into your IT department is very easy!

With ESI INENDI, you can:

  • Ingest logs from various sources: flat files, syslog server, Elastic Search, Splunk, etc.
  • Install it on a Linux system over a variety of hardware (1 socket to 8+ sockets).
  • Use it locally (laptop, workstation) or remotely.
  • Run it at the same time by different analysts.

You can also write your own formats to ingest exotic logs, which give you the ability to adapt quickly to a new set of data need investigation. Onboarding is to easy you are sure to become a “power user” in a matter of days!

Compared to other big data analytics solutions, INENDI Inspector is really easy to integrate!

Technical functionalities

  • It’s very flexible to ingest structured data
  • It provides very flat and accurate visualizations: parallel coordinates, zoomed parallel coordinates, scatter plot, hit counts
  • It can connect to SQL databases, Splunk, Elastic Search, Moloch, etc.
  • It can handle Pcap through its INENDI Pcapscium module
  • It can handle EVTX logs through its INENDI EVTX Rewriter module
  • It allows correlation between different types of sources
  • It allows to easily export data samples to ESI Mineset intuitive machine learning tool


  • Faster and more intuitive detection of weak signals
  • Helps the SOC teams to fine tune any SIEM or any rule-based detection tool
  • Allows to get a clear and panoramic picture of what is going one in a Network or an IT system
  • Strengthen day after day a company's Cyber Security strategy