INENDI Pcapsicum

Take advantage of PCAP files the easy way

Some highly valuable operations in the world of Cyber Security require in-depth investigations of PCAP files. The complexity and diversity of the information gathered in a packet capture forces experts to use tools or database technologies that are not convenient for an investigation.

ESI INENDI has developed INENDI Pcapsicum to make the preparation and import of PCAP files into INENDI Inspector very easy and efficient.

The combination of Pcapsicum and Inspector makes the investigation within hundreds of millions of packets a happy challenge and a successful activity.




INENDI Pcapsicum runs on a Linux system. It can parse standard PCAP files (as such produced by Wireshark).

It integrates smoothly into INENDI Inspector but can also be used independently to efficiently convert PCAP files in a structured CSV text file.

Technical functionalities

  • Can parse multiple files in parallel
  • Intuitive presentation of all the protocol hierarchy and associated statistics
  • User can easily create and manage rewriting profiles (selections of protocols and parameters to be extracted)
  • Optimal parallelization of the rewriting process (high speed-up factor compared to standard tools)
  • Accurate monitoring of the rewriting jobs
  • Native integration with INENDI Inspector import pipeline.



  • Open the doors to the Pcap exploitation world even with hundreds of millions of packets
  • Fast and accurate statistics to identify and isolate the right set of protocols
  • Cyber Defense Strategy gains a new weapon
  • Performant Pcap-based weak signal detection